Ask for Help

Self sufficiency is an enemy when it causes us to believe we can do everything in our own strength. We were not placed on this Earth to go at it alone. Life revolves around helping one another. We often hesitate to ask others for help because we’re afraid to approach them out of embarrassment or the fear of rejection. There are also times when we wait so long to ask for help, that by the time we do so, the problem has magnified and become more difficult to solve.

Imagine the amount of time you could save by asking for directions at the first sign of being misdirected in your travels. By not doing so, you lengthen the amount of time it would typically take to reach your destination. Asking for help eliminates unnecessary frustration. When you demonstrate the humility to ask for help, you often earn the respect of others. And most importantly, when help is extended, be appreciative of it.

Weighing the Good in a Bad Situation

There is a lesson to be learned from every bad situation you encounter in life and if you consider the lesson alone, you will have already identified the good from which it came. We become fearful and immobile when we focus on the negative aspects of a situation. How much better it is to focus on the positive while trusting the negatives will work itself out.

A positive response transforms every setback into a step forward. Even the worse situations can make us better people. Everything happens for a reason. In order to shape you into the person that you are predestined to be, you must experience certain trials and tribulations. When life seems uncertain and at times uncontrollable, remember that good results come out of tough times.

Acknowledge Your Blessings

Blessings come in many disguises ranging from financial relief to internal healing. Understanding that what you receive doesn’t come from you alone, is the first step in acknowledging your blessings.

A blessing may not always appear in a desired fashion. A blessing could be eliminating someone from your life in order to take you to the next level. Although you may experience pain from the absence of this person, other doors may open to greater opportunities. This doesn’t necessarily mean the blessing will come in the form of another individual, it may come in the form of gaining clarity in your decision making.

Don’t ever become so shallow in your thinking that you overlook your blessings. Remember that having your health and the use of all your senses gives you the ability to produce change in your life. Whether you have acquired much then lost it all, identify what went wrong so the next time it’s presented, you understand how to retain it. Regardless of how the blessings appear, don’t discredit what’s gained from it.


Spirituality is troublesome for many people because of the different beliefs and religions available. We often complicate spirituality with man made rules, yet human spirit is something we all possess. The lack of spiritual insight blinds us to truth and robs us of hope.  Life is interconnected and guided by a higher intelligence. We are given free will to love or not love, to be open-minded or close minded, to hold on to pain or release it and acknowledge the presence of this higher intelligence. 

When you face difficulties that seem insurmountable, remember that spiritual resources are there. Look through eyes of faith. The lessons from the past, the instructions for the present, and the glimpses into the future give us many opportunities to strengthen our faith. Our personal choices are far more effective when they are spiritually inspired. 

Follow Your Dreams

Every person dreams and makes plans for the future, then they work hard to see those dreams and plans come to fruition. Don’t let other’s values and actions dictate your attitude and behavior. This often leads to making wrong decisions out of a desire to please. Take time to think about your dreams and goals, and how they correlate with the important areas of your life.

What works for one, may not be meant for you. People may present you with opportunities that garnered them success, but if you don’t view the opportunity in the same light, you’re wasting their time and yours. Speak up for what you believe in or dislike. In doing so, a person can only respect your wishes. That’s not to say that what you choose to do will always be favorable and in your best interest, but you have to journey down your own path.

Crying Relieves the Heart

Going through rivers of difficulty will either cause you to drown or force you to grow stronger. Some people consider expressing emotions to be a sign of weakness, but failure to express these emotions result in tension being stored within our bodies. We need a relief valve for the heart and one of the purest suppressants is tears.

Rarely do we hear someone say they are more stressed or upset after crying. Emotional tears are a response which only humans have and these tears are a part of the miracle of the human body that we often take for granted. Crying provides a healthy release when done in moderation and helps us recover and go on with life. 

There is a connection between the tears we shed and the priorities in our lives. When our souls cry out to the heart of the Creator, we are sending up silent prayers to bring balance into our lives and provide strength for the journey ahead. It is through these heartfelt tears that our pleas are answered.


Forgiving someone will be one of your greatest challenges in life. It is tempting, especially in an argument, to bring up what one has done in the past. But, in order to truly forgive, you must lay to rest what is not relative today. Retaining anger, resentment, or bitterness stunts your own growth by blurring you to the realities around you and ultimately causing another to suffer behind the emotions you are harboring. Extract the lesson from the event and understand that it is no longer destiny, but history.

Forgiveness is stronger than anger. Sometimes forgiving a personal attack against you shows more strength than lashing out in revenge. When you decide in your heart to forgive someone, the pain you once carried will be lightened and this will allow you to grow in a place that cannot be measured. 

Reason, Season or Lifetime

Throughout our lives we encounter people that play an instrumental role in our development. Our reason people serve a specific purpose and once that purpose is fulfilled, they will depart. Our season people compliment you during a certain period of your life and after you grow out of this period, they no longer compliment you. Our lifetime people are there for the long haul and you ride it out until the end.

When we think of someone being there for a lifetime, our parents, siblings and relatives quickly come to mind. Our friends, acquaintances and companions develop later in our journey. At some point in our lives, every one of these individuals will be called upon to complete their own journey and may leave us with nothing but memories. Some will leave an everlasting impression, while others just a blur. We may face disappointment that some who cross our path choose to leave against our desires, but we must strive to understand the role each person was chosen to fulfill in our lives and learn from it.

Trust Intuition

Intuition is one of the greatest and unexplainable gifts you have. You can choose to ignore it or understand that a greater spirit works through you, often in mysterious ways, but always to your benefit in the long run. 

There are four levels of the human experience that intuition feeds off of; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It comes as no surprise that your intuitive mind has access to an infinite supply of information that is continually being processed.

While intuition sometimes offers a better solution than logic or reason, we are apprehensive about following our inner guide because we fear the end result. When your desire for something becomes so intense, it’s easy to ignore or misread the signals you are receiving about that situation. Learning to trust and act upon your intuition is a function of trusting yourself and moving forward in the right direction.


Laughter is a natural adrenaline rush. It increases our energy and generally lifts the spirits of all involved. We often hear that laughter is the best medicine, but can it be prescribed to anyone? Although most drugs affect people differently, laughter remains the same. It’s credited with a number of psychological and physical benefits; from strengthening our immune systems to bringing joy into our lives.

Having a sense of humor will turn a lot of dull moments into memorable ones. That’s one of the reasons we are attracted to funny people. Humor isn’t merely about telling jokes, it’s the way we view the world. Situations don’t generate our stress, it’s the meaning we place on the situation. Have you ever wondered how some people are able to laugh in the face of danger and adversity? Laughter fuels personal empowerment and provides a sense of control. Laughter and humor is a release, an expression, a new perspective and a reminder that life really isn’t that bad. To quote Mark Twain, “The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.”

Don’t Overthink

How easy life would be if we had a blueprint of everything that was expected of us during our lifetime. Decisions would be easier, certain failures avoided and some successes assured.  We all wish we could predict the future, but imagine the life lessons we would miss out on by doing so.

We are often confused by the events surrounding us and can find ourselves at a loss as to what can be done about it. There are many events we will never understand, while other events seem to fall in place as we reflect back on them. Although we experience periods of misunderstanding, there is a greater purpose for our lives. 

Everything that happens to us, has meaning. Sometimes we are able to correlate the cause and effect of our actions, other times, the message is so subtle that we find ourselves repeating the same behaviors until something traumatic happens to get our attention.

When you find yourself faced with a matter of great concern and don’t have an immediate solution at hand, take your mind off of the problem for a while. There are more options available than you think. Over thinking a problem can actually cause you to overlook a possible solution because your mind hasn’t had an opportunity to refresh.


Heroes are easier to admire than define. The greatest quality of a hero is their tendency to think of others before thinking of themselves. Heroes simply do the right thing at the right time; unaware of the impact their action may have. Heroes are seldom conscience of their moments of heroism and many may not recognize their acts as heroic. 

Some people may tell you there is nothing worth giving their life for. That just means they haven’t learned how to love outside of themselves.  Any parent will tell you they’d give their life for their child. Many soldiers will tell you they’d give their life for their country and in fact, many of them have. Many people have given their life for the simple right called freedom. Many more have given their life in the name of religion. 

It can be heroic to do what must be done and to do it right. Whether raising a family, volunteering, teaching others, sacrificing your wants for someone else’s needs, etc., these are all acts of heroism.

Option vs. Priority

You can spend your entire life putting others first, but giving more of yourself to someone who treats you as an afterthought is wasted energy. So often we look for our happiness through other people, but when you depend on others for your happiness, your opportunities for disappointment are greatly increased.

You can’t make a person love you or cooperate in the manner you see fit, no matter how much of yourself you give. But, you can become a priority in your own life. It is imperative to put yourself first, not in the sense of selfishness, but in a way that affirms who you are. When you love, respect and honor who you are, you’ll be able to see situations more clearly and remove yourself from people who diminish your value.

Remember, options are flexible and viewed as easy come, easy go. Priorities on the other hand, often involve a sacrifice of some sort. Never lose sight of who you are in your pursuit of happiness.


Patience is hardest when we need it the most, but it is the key to achieving our goals. Living in a world where instant gratification has become the norm, we’ve lost touch with the benefits of waiting. We’re quick to become physically intimate with a person before really knowing who they are; quick to speak without fully hearing and understanding what’s being said; quick to give up on our goals when we’re close to attaining them; quick to blame others for our troubles instead of identifying where we may have gone wrong; quick to move on to someone or something else because we believe the grass is greener on the other side, and the list goes on.

In our age of instant everything, we’ve lost our ability to wait. We expect to learn patience instantly and in our hurry, we miss the contradiction. Oftentimes, what we so desperately want at the moment, is soon forgotten. Consuming today and forgetting about tomorrow, limits us to an even greater reward in our future. 

We often expect quick changes in our lives, but our journey is a lifelong process. Changes and successes are realized over time. When we are close to a situation, it can be difficult to see progress, but when you take time to reflect, you’ll find that things have been working according to plan all along.


Knowledge builds self-confidence and is the key to cracking life’s code. The more you learn, the more options you have in life. Even if you never expand your formal education, there are opportunities to learn all around you. There isn’t a day that goes by that you should not have learned at least one new thing, regardless of how insignificant it may seem. When you reject learning, years of schooling will teach you little. But, if you want to be taught, there is no end to what you can learn.

In order for knowledge to have real significance in your life, you must do something with what you’ve learned. When you are blessed with the gift of knowledge, it is your duty to teach others. Holding on to knowledge for dear life defeats the purpose of why you learned something in the first place. Whether it’s teaching a child right from wrong or showing someone how to perform a specific task, you have a great gift that doesn’t cost you anything to share. 


Love is one of the most desirable things in life, the most natural and readily available. Our ability to love is often shaped by our experience of love and to a great extent, dictate how we live. In order to love someone, you must first love yourself or you’ll miss love’s true meaning. Everyone wants love, but few are able to give it. Many people have learned how to pretend to love – how to speak kindly, avoid hurting feelings and appearing to take an interest. Sincere love not only requires our concentration and effort, it demands our time and personal involvement. Love doesn’t have a single answer, but encompasses many truths such as; loyalty, trust, appreciation, respect, integrity, etc. Where there is genuine love, there is never a fear of deceit, manipulation or exploitation. 

Breaking Through Barriers

Our society is littered with barriers that divide; race, status, education and wealth to name a few. These are personal obstructions that hinder our growth and block us from each other. Until you care enough to confront and resolve these underlying barriers, you become less effective in fulfilling your purpose.

The strength of what we believe is measured by how much we are willing to sacrifice for those beliefs. We can’t control what others say or do, but we can control our response to it. Some people thrive off of discrediting others. You are the only one that can define who you are in spite of what others say, or seek to influence. When you come to this realization, your life takes on new meaning.

We must resist the tendency to think about the limitations our environment create for us and find ways to proactively counter it. When we believe in ourselves, there is little that we can accomplish. Envisioning what we want, setting goals to bring that vision to fruition and watching how it unfolds, inspires us to keep moving forward in our quest.

Ignorance is No Excuse

Where there is ignorance, society does not advance. We are inundated with a wealth of information, yet our society still has the tendency to ignore certain practices and often make excuses for why it exists. Ignorance is no longer a plausible explanation. If we expect certain behaviors to change or become non-existent, we must first understand what reinforces it and do something about it.

We live in a state of confusion and mixed messages abound. We are all accountable for our actions so good judgment and right reasoning must be implemented. We have been equipped with the manual of life to teach us morality. Anything outside of that becomes free will.  It only takes one person to create a domino effect of change, so take a stance and let your voice be heard. Allowing others to force you into a position of ignorance only perpetuates the problem. Never stop the pursuit of seeking knowledge because every time you find it, wisdom will grow. 

Behind the Name

In the beginning of time, names were given to establish genealogy and signify a person’s character, authority and worth. Fast forward to the twenty first century and you find names that are given because they sound interesting and most often, lack meaning.

The name given to one can greatly effect the perception of oneself and can become a hindrance throughout one’s life; whether being teased by peers or overlooked for various types of employment.  A name has more power than you may realize. Why do you think those in the entertainment industry have a tendency to use catchy or more appealing names?

Names are also important in business. A bad business name can risk potential customers. How comfortable would you be purchasing a car from Lemon’s Automotive or a home from Shack Realty? Creating a name takes careful thought and should not have implied meanings such as: Hennessey, Chaos, Tutu, Anthrax, Pistol, Stud, Cowboy, Zero, etc. While a name doesn’t necessarily represent a person’s true character or business performance, it gives you cause to wonder.

Do Your Best

You don’t need a prestigious title to perform a significant role in life. Ordinary people can do extraordinary things. Much of the necessary labor for any effective operation is considered to be dirty work by many. But such work is vital for an operation to run smoothly.  Engineers and millionaires may design and finance a magnificent building, but it is the bricklayers who get the work done. 

We are not all designed to be the “stars” of today. Some of us are meant to be the supporting cast. There would be no star without the supporting cast, so don’t be misled in thinking your purpose is not as important.

One of the greatest rewards in life is being commended on a job well done. To receive commendation, you have to put forth effort at whatever it is you do. Doing your best at all times, opens the door for greater achievements. 

Taking the Easy Way Out

Some people drift through life traveling the path of least resistance only concerned with making the easy choice rather than making the right choice. Yet, the right choice is usually clear. You will encounter unforeseen obstacles during your life’s journey. Opting for the path of least resistance may not be the best way of reaching your goals. 

Taking the easy way out often makes life more difficult and delays your growth process. You cannot avoid what you are meant to experience. It’s better to go through a process than to deal with all the shortcuts life has to offer, such as: Being Underhanded, Getting Over, Going Around It, Side Stepping a Process, Cliff Notes, Cheat Sheets, etc. Imagine if your banker took these shortcuts with your bank account or your doctor with your operation…

If you have a choice between doing something the hard way or the easy way and it results in the same outcome, than work smarter, not harder. However, if the shortcuts you take continue to produce catastrophic results, you may want to reconsider your method of execution.

Be Yourself

Being yourself is the most natural and honest state you can be in. We have been convinced that being ourselves is no longer original, so we do everything we can to shield the true essence of who we are. You were designed to look a certain way, and your life experiences were created to mold you into the person you have become. 

Sometimes we don’t allow people to get to know us completely because we’re afraid they’ll discover something they won’t like.  Your true self eventually rises to the surface destroying any mask you attempt to hide behind. You are not going to please everyone and sometimes despite your best efforts, you will be misunderstood. Give your best anyway.

Modern science has provided us the ability to change our mental and physical make up with the introduction of cosmetic surgery, steroids, and psycho enhancing drugs, etc. Unfortunately, the side effects of these advancements can cause more harm than good.  The spirit of self always prevail over camouflages of self. Be secure in who you are and you will attract people who appreciate what you represent.

Periods of Uncertainty

Periods of uncertainty often reflect an urging to progress in some area of your life. Whenever you feel strongly about something, you’re on your way to manifesting the improvements your uncertainty is pleading you to make. By understanding what frustrates you, you’ll better understand what fulfills you. 

Change is one of the major contributing factors to experiencing periods of uncertainty. Since there is no timeline as to when you should have everything in life figured out, don’t get discouraged in believing your situation will remain unchanged. You need these transitional periods to reflect and put a new plan of action together.

Whenever you are at a crossroads, it’s important to take inventory of your resources. You become far more effective by analyzing what’s available to you such as; relationships, possessions, time and faith, than plunging into the unknown. Uncertainty is priming you to create new and meaningful value in your life.