Food For Thought Friday

💡 What can you do differently to get to a yes?

💡 Being positive doesn’t mean ignoring reality.

💡 Everyone wants to be validated in some way.

💡 What others think of you pales in comparison to what you think of yourself.

💡 Embrace your uniqueness.

💡 What is your M.O.R.E. (Making Others Realize Extra)?

💡 Are you functioning below the level of your potential?

💡 Proving your worth to you produces greater buy-in from others.

💡 Most people are not for you or against you, they are often thinking of themselves.

💡 The difference between saying yes and no is one consumes time, the other creates time.

Image Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education


Food For Thought Friday

💡 What is the last thing you’ve taken initiative on?

💡 Don’t be the reason you’re unhappy.

💡 There comes a time when you trust your gut.

💡 Be easy for people to say yes to.

💡 Think higher. Feel deeper.

💡 In the highest vision of the soul, a waking angel stirs.

💡 Purpose is not static. Purpose is dynamic.

💡 Our best can look different every day. Consistency is what people pay attention to.

💡 Laughter is a universal language. Seek more of it.

💡 I AM are divine words. Use them with love and respect.