Heroes are easier to admire than define. The greatest quality of a hero is their tendency to think of others before thinking of themselves. Heroes simply do the right thing at the right time; unaware of the impact their action may have. Heroes are seldom conscience of their moments of heroism and many may not recognize their acts as heroic. 

Some people may tell you there is nothing worth giving their life for. That just means they haven’t learned how to love outside of themselves.  Any parent will tell you they’d give their life for their child. Many soldiers will tell you they’d give their life for their country and in fact, many of them have. Many people have given their life for the simple right called freedom. Many more have given their life in the name of religion. 

It can be heroic to do what must be done and to do it right. Whether raising a family, volunteering, teaching others, sacrificing your wants for someone else’s needs, etc., these are all acts of heroism.