Don’t Overthink

How easy life would be if we had a blueprint of everything that was expected of us during our lifetime. Decisions would be easier, certain failures avoided and some successes assured.  We all wish we could predict the future, but imagine the life lessons we would miss out on by doing so.

We are often confused by the events surrounding us and can find ourselves at a loss as to what can be done about it. There are many events we will never understand, while other events seem to fall in place as we reflect back on them. Although we experience periods of misunderstanding, there is a greater purpose for our lives. 

Everything that happens to us, has meaning. Sometimes we are able to correlate the cause and effect of our actions, other times, the message is so subtle that we find ourselves repeating the same behaviors until something traumatic happens to get our attention.

When you find yourself faced with a matter of great concern and don’t have an immediate solution at hand, take your mind off of the problem for a while. There are more options available than you think. Over thinking a problem can actually cause you to overlook a possible solution because your mind hasn’t had an opportunity to refresh.