The Power of “Re”



Our experiences in life are often a Reflection of our thoughts and closely associated with a past Revisited and Repurposed to justify the present moment. The Refusal to see the err in our ways Results in the Reoccurrence of learned behavior that is Resistant to growth and the Relinquishing of the ego. The beauty of life is that it offers daily opportunities to hit the Reset button and to Recalibrate the frequency we are emitting to the Universe. Remember that moments of uncertainty affords us an opportunity to Reprogram our thought process, Rediscover our life’s purpose, and move forward with Renewed energy.



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Greetings Friends!  In light of my many professional endeavors, entrepreneurialism runs through my veins. I realize that entrepreneurship can be a risky undertaking for many, but applied knowledge is power. I have developed teams that have soared to great heights by keeping these four principles deeply ingrained in their psyche:

  1. Put GOD first!
  2. If you do not GO after what you want, you’ll never have it!
  3. If you do not ASK, the answer will always be NO!
  4. If you do not step FORWARD, you will ALWAYS be in the same place!

My mission is to help others take charge of their lives by uncovering their motivation and helping them reach their fullest potential. Experience doesn’t matter.  I HELP CREATE WINNERS!!

“It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. It doesn’t matter how many times you almost get it right. No one is going to know or care about your failures, and neither should you. All you have to do is learn from them and those around you because all that matters in business is that you get it right once. Then everyone can tell you how lucky you are.” Mark Cuban

The Journey


Your travels create your life story.  It’s a lifelong journey of asking questions and seeking answers, seeing things more clearly, listening more carefully, embracing change and ultimately learning how to walk with the Creator each step of the way.  It isn’t our job to understand the Creator’s direction, but to understand the journey we are in.  Regardless of whether you’ve been turned around for a while or made some wrong turns along the way, where you are now, is where you are meant to be.

We are to trust and be grateful for each set of circumstances we encounter along the way.  When you focus on the blessings that emerge from your trials, you gain the strength and courage to continue moving forward.  Each blessing becomes a stepping stone toward the vision you have been given.  It’s important to reflect on how far you have come versus how far you have to go and live out your purpose each day.  Look for the Creator’s way in each moment and in each decision and enjoy the experience…

Choose Your Mate Carefully


Be cautious in your choice of companion. The person you choose to settle down with will have a significant effect on your life – physically, spiritually and emotionally. It’s best to align yourself with people demonstrating characteristics you would like to develop in your own life, versus characteristics that raise concern. It’s also important that you exemplify the things you desire in a mate if you expect to have a fulfilling relationship. It takes time to get to know someone and most often you meet their representative first. After peeling back the layers, you sometimes discover that your selection wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be.

Consider the following: if an irresponsible parent blames someone else for their lack of responsibility, this is not someone you rush to have a child by. A person who mismanages money should raise concern with your financial stability. A couple practicing different religions must identify how this will affect their household and their future. Someone with an abusive past or addiction may require special care and support. Someone that can’t maintain employment may create more pressure for you in the long run. Someone with a selfish perspective may have difficulty respecting your opinions and belief.  Remember, respect comes from mutual regard and appreciation for one another, not by forced obedience.  At the end of the day, your well being should be the primary goal when choosing a mate. This is not to insinuate that a person can’t change, but it would be wise on your part to assess if you are willing to take that chance.

Self Esteem Is Derived On Self


Our experiences have a lot to do with the mental picture we create of ourselves and how it influences our attitudes and behaviors throughout life. Having a healthy self esteem is an integral part of happiness.  You are entitled to feel good about yourself.  We have the tendency to give others more credit than we give ourselves, instead of taking inventory of our own personal strengths and value. Low self esteem is self imposed and often linked to emotional states such as depression, paranoia and anxiety.

Basing your self esteem on external factors such as the amount of money you have, your physical appearance or other’s opinion, broadly affects your emotional state whenever these variables change.  Relying on external factors to make you feel good about yourself also makes you codependent upon them.  Discovering your own truth and developing peace within is the foundation for attaining all that your heart desires. Envision yourself as the best you can be, to create the reality of your life that will be true to your most sincere self image.



If you take an objective view of your mind, you’ll find that many thoughts drift through it.  When you feel certain emotions for no apparent reason, it stems from stray thoughts passing through that you may not have been consciously aware of.  Meditation is an effective way to clear the mind and gain focus.  There are many things you can focus on, various ways to meditate and no time restraints as to how long you do so.

It’s difficult to hear what needs to be said during the daily hustle and bustle of our lives.  Stepping back from the noise and activity allows us to listen humbly and quietly for guidance.  When you have something troubling you and desire to gain more clarity, say a prayer about the subject matter and meditate on it.  The answer may not come immediately, but meditating on it will help relax you and release negative energy within you.

Setting Standards


When you desire to perform at a certain level with someone you measure yourself against, you must first figure out how this became the best standard for you to follow, and what you may have to do to get where they are.

If this person had to lie, cheat and steal to acquire what they have, are you willing to adopt the same behaviors or identify with someone who outwardly appears to be at the same level, but did so through hard work and personal integrity?  They may both be packaged differently in perception, but one worked smarter in the long run and the other in a way that will have them looking over their shoulder for years to come.

Whatever choice you make, be sure to consider the long term effects of the standards you set for yourself.  Accomplishing a great feat in the wrong way can set you up for future failure.


Living in a developed country that has a system of order and plentiful resources, shields us of the reality that most of humanity faces. It’s not until you travel to a poverty stricken country and witness for yourself, the hunger, violence and disease that signifies a normal life for its inhabitants, that you realize the artificial world in which we live.
While some countries are rich in resources, the income derived from those resources, rarely reaches the poor. The inequalities prevalent in these countries include: unclean water, inadequate medical care, deadly viruses and limited education. Furthermore, the children in these countries are most affected; oftentimes succumbing to death due to hunger and malnutrition.
We have a moral obligation to be more appreciative of the opportunities and resources afforded us, while finding ways to give of ourselves for the greater good of humanity. “An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” Martin Luther King, Jr.



Many people want to be leaders, but the majority of us are followers. We may be good followers in following a good leader, but no leader is perfect. Many people fail to realize that leadership can appear glamorous at times, but it is often lonely, thankless and sometimes filled with pressures to compromise your values and standards.

The essential quality of leadership is credibility. If people don’t trust you, they won’t follow you. The most effective followers understand their role and follow the ideas and beliefs of their leader. However, there is a difference between following an order in which you don’t agree and following one you know is wrong. It is never ethical to carry out a wrong act, no matter who gives you the order or what the consequences may be for not executing the order. If a leader goes against moral practices, you must be willing to stand alone.

Good leaders are created through a never ending process of education, training, experience and self-improvement. Those who lead best, lead by what they do, as well as by what they say. As we rise to leadership positions, our priorities should be finding productive ways to serve people versus our own praise, prestige and power. Although many seek recognition for their accomplishments through these channels, they are poor substitutes for the substance gained in serving someone other than ourselves.