Behind the Name

In the beginning of time, names were given to establish genealogy and signify a person’s character, authority and worth. Fast forward to the twenty first century and you find names that are given because they sound interesting and most often, lack meaning.

The name given to one can greatly effect the perception of oneself and can become a hindrance throughout one’s life; whether being teased by peers or overlooked for various types of employment.  A name has more power than you may realize. Why do you think those in the entertainment industry have a tendency to use catchy or more appealing names?

Names are also important in business. A bad business name can risk potential customers. How comfortable would you be purchasing a car from Lemon’s Automotive or a home from Shack Realty? Creating a name takes careful thought and should not have implied meanings such as: Hennessey, Chaos, Tutu, Anthrax, Pistol, Stud, Cowboy, Zero, etc. While a name doesn’t necessarily represent a person’s true character or business performance, it gives you cause to wonder.