Food For Thought Friday

💡 Sometimes what you went through, is not through with you.

💡 Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens.

💡 What do you want the world to ultimately know? What is the impact?

💡 Show up when least expected.

💡 Just listen. No more is needed.

💡 Saying or believing that somebody “shouldn’t feel that way” doesn’t stop them from feeling that way.

💡 Insight comes with time and reflection.

💡 Knowing what to do and how to do it pales in comparison to knowing when to do it.

💡 Don’t waste time saying “maybe”, when the answer should clearly be “no”.

💡 Your example is your legacy.

Image source: Live and Learn Consultancy


Food For Thought Friday

💡 Every chapter in life comes to an end.

💡 When was the last time you reminded yourself of what you deserve?

💡 Your heart has the answer that you cannot get from anywhere else.

💡 Saying no doesn’t mean you don’t care.

💡 Our expectations matter.

💡 Busyness doesn’t negate boredom.

💡 There are some things you can’t learn from others.

💡 In some measure, we create our environment.

💡 Raise the bar in everything you do.

💡 Sometimes being nice is its own reward.