Think Before You Speak

Effective communication can be a challenge even when clearly stated or written. Additionally, social media, text messaging, and email, increases the likelihood of your words being misinterpreted. So how you deliver your message is just as important as what you state, if you expect others to respond constructively. 
While it’s good to have something to say, it is equally important to weigh it first. When we talk too much and listen too little, we communicate to others that our perspective is far more important than theirs. In our hastiness to get our point across, we risk not understanding the message being conveyed and forfeit the opportunity to listen and learn. You are what comes out of your mouth so be cognizant of what you speak.


The meaning of dreams has drawn plenty of controversy. Some view dreams as our higher self – healing, advising, encouraging, and sometimes warning us of impending dangers. Others view dreams as nothing more than a vision pulled from our memory and shaped by our imagination. Whichever you choose to believe, pay attention to them because this broadened sense of awareness lends itself to multifarious meanings and new possibilities. Dreams are a divine gift that many often take for granted; not realizing that the dream state is actually an expanded state of consciousness. Stephen LaBerge sums dreams up well…not all lucid dreams are useful, but they all have a sense of wonder about them. If you must sleep through a third of your life, why should you sleep through your dreams, too?

Human Life

Human behavior falls into patterns. Still, no one particular person can produce enough knowledge or insight to explain the totality of the human experience. The ultimate interpretation of life regarding who we are and where we are going must come from outside and above our precarious life.

All human accomplishments will one day disappear, so it’s better to live your life wisely. Failing to do so can cause you to become too proud or self sufficient as it relates to your successes and greatly disappointed with your perceived failure(s). It’s easy to value material possessions and frivolous things over human life, but life is your greatest gift. Everything else pales in comparison, for without life, there is no other experience to speak of.


Some people must doubt before they’re able to believe. Yet, you can doubt without living a doubtful way of life. Doubt affords you the opportunity to think things through. It’s a way of responding, not a permanent condition. It can be used to pose the question, get an answer, and push for a decision. 

If doubt leads to questions, questions lead to answers and the answers are accepted, then doubt has done good work. It is when doubt becomes stubbornness and stubbornness becomes a lifestyle, that doubt harms faith. Don’t settle into doubts, but move on from them to decision and belief. The purpose of doubt is to sharpen the mind, not necessarily change it. 

Stop Complaining

Sometimes we complain without even realizing we are doing so, but rarely is it helpful. It can be something as simple as commenting on the weather conditions outside to a passerby. As hard as it may be to digest, you chose the life that you have right now; directly or indirectly. It’s easy to overlook personal accountability and blame others for your problems. Unfortunately, that doesn’t solve the problem. Where you are today, is a direct result of a decision you have or have not made. If you are unwilling to change, then there really is no need to complain. In other words, stop criticizing your circumstances and change your conditions.