I, like many others, have had to regroup from the changes that 2020 has brought about. Finding ways to balance the unpredictability of my career and the “new normal” called chaos is not for the faint of heart. Despite the challenges, I realize that inaction is a waste of time and will get you nowhere fast.

When we overanalyze and fight for never-changing security, we stop experiencing the full array of choices life has to offer during our journey. Many of us have an obsessive desire to know what is happening now and what tomorrow will bring. Wondering what the future holds is a tough question at any age. Instead of trying to figure it all out, get comfortable with the discomfort of uncertainty.

There is an ancient Japanese Philosophy called Wabi-Sabi. It is a mindset that embraces the unpredictability of life, and it teaches us to celebrate the way things are instead of how it should be.

Life is unpredictable. And that’s okay. Embrace it. When nothing is certain, everything is possible! Our plans for tomorrow, next month, or next year may not unfold as we expect. But it is imperative to take action and keep moving forward.

Illustration: The Ready


Periods of Uncertainty

Periods of uncertainty often reflect an urging to progress in some area of your life. Whenever you feel strongly about something, you’re on your way to manifesting the improvements your uncertainty is pleading you to make. By understanding what frustrates you, you’ll better understand what fulfills you.

Change is a contributing factor to experiencing periods of uncertainty. Since there is no timeline as to when you should have everything in life figured out, don’t get discouraged in believing your situation will remain unchanged. You need these transitional periods to reflect and put a new plan of action together.

Whenever you are at a crossroads, take inventory of your resources. You become far more effective by analyzing what’s available to you than plunging into the unknown. Uncertainty is priming you to create new and meaningful value in your life.