Don’t Become a Pawn to Someone

You can either take control of your life or let someone else do it for you. People become pawns when they allow themselves to be used by others for selfish purposes. This could be through the use of your name, children, employment, political agenda, money, physical makeup or connections with others. 

It’s not always easy to detect someone’s true intentions, but a telltale sign is when your ongoing involvement with them doesn’t produce anything respectable and ultimately interferes with your destiny. Life is too short to live another person’s dream, so live your life for you and the rest will follow.

Leave a Legacy

Once your purpose has been fulfilled, will you be remembered by the number of years you lived, the amount of money you left behind, or the positive impact you’ve made on the lives of others? We all want to be remembered by something. The challenge is living a life of substance that can be passed on for generations to come. How you treat others, not your accomplishments, is one of the greatest legacies you can leave behind. 


The thought of being on top can be captivating, but power has a way of taking over and controlling the person using it. Those who desire power, always outnumber those who know how to use it effectively. This is especially true when power is inherited, but unwarranted. Someone’s thirst for power is not easily quenched once received – it only becomes more intense. Be careful of placing confidence in human power because one day it will fade, regardless of how strong it appears now.

Finding Meaning

A life without meaning leaves nothing to live for or look forward to. Meaning can be found even under the harshest of circumstances. When you find yourself buckling under pressure, think of the fortitude that prisoner’s of war, homeless families, the poverty stricken, victims of genocide, etc. display, in spite of their circumstances. Even in the worst circumstances imaginable, it is evident their lives have meaning.

Finding meaning is not an easy process and will require you to push past your fears. We often look to others to help us find our meaning, but it’s difficult to live for the same predetermined purpose as someone else. No matter how challenging life seem, there’s always value to be drawn from it, and the possibility of greater things to come.

Setting Realistic Goals

Goals can be good or bad based on the nature of the desire, for your goals control your actions. While it’s great to achieve worthwhile goals, all goals are not worth pursuing if you set out to accomplish them in the wrong manner. For example, if one of your goals is to accumulate great wealth, you have to determine how you plan to achieve said goal. You can opt to build wealth through traditional avenues such as gainful employment and sound investments or you can pursue non-traditional methods such as playing the lottery, marrying into money, or robbing someone of it. The means you use to accomplish your goal is just as important as the goal you are trying to accomplish. 

Respect Constructive Criticism

There’s a major difference between the person who learns from criticism and the person who refuses to accept it. The person who rejects constructive criticism usually has a problem with pride. Don’t be too quick to reject advice you don’t like. 

No one really likes criticism, but everyone can benefit from it when it’s given wisely and received humbly. Consider constructive criticism as kindness and listen closely. By viewing criticism in this manner, you’ll better control your reaction to it, making it productive versus destructive.


Prayer is the first step in any venture.

Prayer is the key that unlocks faith in our lives.

When you pray, great things happen.
Prayer quiets your thoughts and emotions and prepares you to listen.

Too often we pray superficially. Serious prayer, by contrast, requires concentration.

When you pray, difficult decisions fall into proper perspective. Therefore, pray for the wisdom to see it and the energy and motivation to do it.

When it seems your prayers have gone unanswered, what you need may already be within your reach or you have yet to fulfill the responsibilities given to you.

Two Are Better Than One

Two are better than one because they have a good return for their work…We are not put on this earth to solely serve ourselves and no one succeeds alone regardless of what one thinks. Life is designed for a helper and companion. Whether you have the support of a family member, friend, spouse or stranger, there are advantages in cooperating with another. Working together allows each person to bring their special skills or strengths to the table. It may be your strengths that balance their weakness and/or their abilities that offset your deficiencies. Collaboration is to everyone’s benefit in the long run.

Be Confident Within

We often struggle with new challenges due to the lack of self-confidence. It’s not unreasonable that you may have to work harder at something than another, but that doesn’t excuse you from trying. Many people like to take the easy way out and depend on superficial things to exude self-confidence such as: their physical appearance, material goods and wealth, but how you look and what you possess are all exterior.

Building self-confidence is a process that begins internally and grows into a pattern over time. It’s an attitude. Your perception of yourself will eventually bleed over to how others perceive you. Self-confidence affects every aspect of your life and typically stems from several sources; from within, others, and your personal achievements. Confidence is not about being able to do everything, but having realistic views of who you are and the approach you take to meet your overall expectations

Blaze New Trails

Your life is a sacred journey filled with many paths of travel and free will to choose your path. Oftentimes, what we believe to be the easier path is more laborious and the path less traveled becomes more yielding. Some routes throughout your life will be blocked to encourage you to blaze new trails. 

In life, we have to rely on our inner guide to propel us forward to places that have yet been ventured. It is this new road that many fear because they have not gone that far before. Whatever the circumstances are, new journeys have to be traveled in order to achieve new results. If you feel you’ve reached your destination, but with an outcome different than expected, count the successes you’ve had thus far and embark on a new trail.

Learn From Your Mistakes

It’s difficult to learn from a mistake that you don’t acknowledge making. To learn from a mistake you have to admit it, analyze it, and make adjustments so that it doesn’t happen again. Mistakes are effective teachers because their consequences have a way of making lessons painfully clear. 

Mistakes of the past is an important part of today’s actions and tomorrows plan. Part of the success of your past will be measured by what you do with it now and how well you use it to prepare for the future. 

Truth Hurts

The truth often makes us uncomfortable. We tend to prefer lies and illusions when they make us feel more secure. It is much better to face reality than to live a lie. The truth sometimes stings, but our reaction to it shows us what we are really made of.

You can deny charges and destroy evidence of your misdeeds, or you can embrace truth with a humble heart and let it change you. Don’t settle for something that makes you feel comfortable, but is not true. Resisting truth can leave you without purpose or direction.

If you are privileged enough to possess the truth, deliver it with care and good intentions. How you deliver the truth, is often the same manner in which it is received.

Keep a Journal

Writing something down makes it concrete. It is a thought made permanent. A journal offers a place to store your personal experiences. Whether jotting down information, ideas or the details of your day, keeping a journal helps slow down the thinking process, reveals patterns, and offers a new perspective. 

Life comes and goes quickly. The journey of your life is well worth recording and can be one of the most significant things you do during your lifetime. Filled with thoughts, aspirations, and insights, your journal entries can reveal your mindset from the past and how well you are developing in the present.

New Beginnings

Free of problems and full of promise, beginnings offer hope for the future. New beginnings don’t only occur on January 1st. Each day presents twenty-four hours filled with opportunities to grow, be productive and start anew. We are constantly evolving so it’s never too late to start over.

Life can change in an instant so do all you can each day and perform each act in an efficient manner. Some days may be more challenging than others, but the key is to never give up. When you encounter tough times, remember the crucial turning points of your past to help you get through the present. Cherish each day you are blessed with and move one step closer to fulfilling your dreams.