3 thoughts on “Dominant Style

    1. Hello, Simone!

      Thank you for commenting on the post and sharing your leadership style.

      Similar to you, my default style is more democratic. Having worked in diverse industries over the years, I have discovered that robust leadership requires a blend of leadership styles. What works for one group or situation, may not work for another.

      For example, democratic leaders typically experience deeper relationships with team members. In contrast, their dependency on team member input can make it challenging to lead a company during a crisis.

      Think about the global pandemic (COVID). The most successful leaders likely switched between leadership styles to weather the storm.

      Let’s keep the dialogue going. Please follow my blog and I will do the same.

      With gratitude,


      1. That makes perfect sense and I agree. I’ve heard that democratic styles tend to struggle with dependency but haven’t felt that way myself, which is why I’ve doubted.
        I’ll absolutely follow. Looking forward to reading more

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