Use Your Natural Talents

Everyone is born with his or her unique talents. Don’t minimize your skills because you don’t think your talent measures up to someone else’s. Rather than focusing on the talents of another, make use of the talents already afforded you.

If you have difficulty recognizing your strengths, consider how others describe you. They often see what you overlook or fail to give yourself credit.

Once you understand your talents, you’ll come to realize how easy you were doing something that others find a struggle.

As Mark Twain quoted: “We are always more anxious to be distinguished for a talent which we do not possess than to be praised for the fifteen which we do possess.”

Be Confident Within

We often struggle with new challenges due to a lack of self-confidence. It’s not unreasonable that you may have to work harder at something than another, but that doesn’t excuse you from trying. Many people like to take the easy way out and depend on superficial things to exude self-confidence like their physical appearance, material goods, and wealth. But, how you look and what you possess are all exterior.

Building self-confidence is a process that begins internally and grows into a pattern over time. It’s an attitude. Your perception of yourself will eventually bleed over to how others perceive you. Self-confidence affects every aspect of your life and typically stems from several sources: from within, others, and your achievements. Confidence is not about trying to do it all. It’s having realistic views of who you are and the approach you take to meet your overall goals.