Wealth gives the facade of power and control, but often does not deliver. It can be lost instantly through uncontrollable factors and those who seek it obsessively never find the happiness they think it promises.

We often want more than we have and then lose sleep over the fear of losing it. Ultimately, you leave it behind when it’s time to depart this earthly world. Regardless of how much you earn, if you try to create happiness through the accumulation of wealth, you will never have enough.

Money is not wrong and in reality, a necessity in our society. However, loving money too much leads to all sorts of problems including the attraction of freeloaders and thieves. Whatever financial situation you are in, don’t depend on money to make you happy. Instead, learn how to use what you have wisely and constructively. 


Sex is often undervalued because it comes easily and frequently. Whether one has sex for money or pure pleasure, this form of exploitation treats sex as an isolated physical act rather than an act of commitment to another. It erodes a person’s ability to love and often degrades others by turning them into physical objects. When you choose to have uncommitted sex, you confuse and tear down the climate of respect, trust and credibility that is necessary to develop a solid relationship.

We live in a world filled with suggestions to commit immorality. However, sexual immorality threatens family life; leaving spouses devastated, children scarred and partners themselves unable to build healthy relationships. Even if one escapes sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies, someone always ends up getting hurt as a result. The mark of a real man and woman is self-control.


How unfortunate it is to be married and not appreciate the enjoyment and companionship that marriage affords you.  Outside pressures and distractions are at an all time high, the sanctity of marriage is at an all time low, and complacency has become the norm.

It’s not uncommon for a marriage to lose its initial spark with the growth of familiarity and the passing of time. Intimacy and passion declines, emotions run rampant and conflicts creep in. That’s why it’s of paramount importance for partners in a marriage to continually strive to refresh each other through encouraging words, a change of pace and unexpected surprises. Given the appropriate attention, marriage is where complete union of mind, heart and body comes together.

Agree to Disagree

The idea that “I’ll believe what I want to believe” and “you believe what you want to believe” can sometimes lead to the avoidance of truth. You should seek to understand the viewpoints of others whether you agree or disagree. Getting to know someone better provides you the opportunity to build upon the things you mutually share or agree on, instead of putting all your energy into disagreeing.

Many conflicts are created to make people look good. Whenever you see people arguing as if it were intellectual combat, the nature of the argument can be grossly misunderstood and/or overshadowed by the person with the loudest or most convincing delivery. Don’t take someone agreeing or disagreeing with you personally, but be willing to keep an open mind if the argument has good merit.