Control Your Anger

Losing something of great value or dealing with someone who conspires against you can easily elicit an angry response. Unfortunately, anger is a dangerous and destructive emotion that always threatens to leap out of control. It pushes you to make hasty decisions that result in bitterness and guilt. There are times when anger is appropriate, but most often it is futile. You will face countless opportunities in life to lose your temper over minor inconveniences, but making a conscious effort to channel your anger in a constructive manner is what incites change. When you feel like you’re ready to explode, remember that losing control will not solve the problem, it only fuels the fire.

Lead By Example

You can either be part of the problem or part of the solution. Leading by example earns you the right to be heard because your actions reinforce what you speak. Those closest to you often emulate what you do, so if you desire for someone to behave a certain way, don’t be the double standard. Francis Bacon once remarked “He that gives good advice, builds with one hand; he that gives good counsel and example, builds with both; but he that gives good admonition and bad example, builds with one hand and pulls down the other.” 

Don’t Assume

Wrong assumptions lead to wrong conclusions and as the old saying goes, “when you assume, you make an Ass out of U and Me”. We have a tendency to make assumptions about everything, especially as it pertains to people. That’s why it’s important to engage in a little fact-finding before drawing a conclusion. Don’t automatically assume that someone’s motives are wrong, even if it initially draws suspicion. Assuming the worse about the intentions of another, can cause you to overlook the good they may actually bring into your life.  Healthy skepticism is not wrong in itself, but exercising wisdom goes a lot further.

Skeletons In The Closet

Sometimes we mistakenly believe we can get away with our wrongdoing if no one witnesses or catches us, but sooner or later, what was done in the dark will eventually come to light. When a crisis occurs, we soon discover that our misdeeds have been quietly breeding into serious consequences. In a world dominated by social media, it becomes incredibly easy to be exposed in some manner. While all skeletons are not damaging, a skeleton is still generally defined as a guilty secret you’d rather not share. In order to avoid such instances, its better to live each day as if your actions will one day be known to the world.


Fear is a dark shadow that envelops you and ultimately imprisons you within yourself. Fear becomes the expression of doubt and lack of self-confidence that gradually eats away at your motivation and paralyzes you so that you don’t act at all. When you are driven by fear, you’ll find yourself searching elsewhere for comfort and advice, hoping to find an easy way out of your troubles. Continually looking for visible signs are not necessary if they only confirm what you already know to be true. Instead of looking for more confirmation, take action. Getting started is often the most difficult and frightening part of the task. 

Use Your Natural Talents

Everyone is born with his or her own unique talent so don’t minimize your skills because you don’t think they’re as valuable as someone else’s. Rather than focusing on the talents of another, make good use of the talents already afforded you. You can always develop your natural talents into something greater through careful study and practice. If you have difficulty recognizing your talent, consider how others describe you. They often see what you overlook or fail to give yourself credit for. Once you understand what your natural talent is, you’ll come to realize how easy you were doing something that others struggle with.  As Mark Twain quoted: “We are always more anxious to be distinguished for a talent which we do not possess, than to be praised for the fifteen which we do possess”.

Bad Habits

There may be a tendency in our lives to allow what we believe to be harmless habits, manifest into dominating forces if left unattended.  For example:
  • Mismanaging money can lead you to the poorhouse.
  • Experimenting with mind altering substances can create a dependency.
  • Telling one lie can lead to more lies to cover up the initial lie.
  • Being consistently late in life can lead to missed opportunities.
  • Having a negative outlook can lead to negative outcomes.
  • Gossiping can lead to lost relationships.
  • Taking shortcuts in life can cheat you in the long run.
  • Consistent misspellings, punctuation and grammatical errors in your method of communication can make you appear less intelligent.
  • Laziness can lead to poor health and lack of self-development.
  • Speaking without thinking can lead to compromising situations.
  • Lack of manners can lead to the appearance of ungratefulness.
  • Failure to follow directions can lead to disastrous end results.
  • Lack of self-confidence can lead to being taken advantage of.
  • Resisting change can lead to greater implications.
Take inventory of your bad habits and work diligently to improve upon them. What may initially appear harmless, can have a tremendous affect on your day to day living.