Indirectly, stress is probably our number one killer. Not only does stress lead to health-related issues, but stressing over something doesn’t always solve the problem.

It’s imperative to evaluate your overall lifestyle when encountering significant stress. Some people can handle stressors with relative ease, while others are overwhelmed by minor nuances.

For many people, stress is so commonplace that it has become a way of life. We may not be able to remove the stressors from our life, but we can find ways to reduce their effect through careful thought, prayer, rearranging of our priorities, discussion, and good counsel. Manage your stress, or your stress will manage you.


Crying Relieves the Heart

Going through rivers of difficulty will either cause you to drown or force you to grow stronger.

Some people consider expressing emotions as a sign of weakness, but the failure to express these emotions results in tension stored within our bodies.

We need a relief valve for the heart, and one of the purest suppressants is tears.

Rarely do we hear someone say they are more stressed or upset after crying.

Emotional tears are a response which only humans have, and these tears are a part of the miracle of the human body that we often take for granted.

Crying provides a healthy release when done in moderation and helps us recover and go on with life.

There is a connection between the tears we shed and the priorities in our lives.

When our souls cry out to the heart of the Creator, we are sending up silent prayers to bring balance into our lives and provide strength for the journey ahead.

It is through these heartfelt tears that we discover the answer to our prayers.