Reason, Season or Lifetime

Throughout our lives we encounter people that play an instrumental role in our development. Our reason people serve a specific purpose and once that purpose is fulfilled, they will depart. Our season people compliment you during a certain period of your life and after you grow out of this period, they no longer compliment you. Our lifetime people are there for the long haul and you ride it out until the end.

When we think of someone being there for a lifetime, our parents, siblings and relatives quickly come to mind. Our friends, acquaintances and companions develop later in our journey. At some point in our lives, every one of these individuals will be called upon to complete their own journey and may leave us with nothing but memories. Some will leave an everlasting impression, while others just a blur. We may face disappointment that some who cross our path choose to leave against our desires, but we must strive to understand the role each person was chosen to fulfill in our lives and learn from it.