Human Life

Human behavior falls into patterns. Still, no one particular person can produce enough knowledge or insight to explain the totality of the human experience. It’s easy to value material possessions over human life, but life is your greatest gift.

All human accomplishments will one day disappear, so it’s better to live your life wisely. Failing to do so can cause you to become too proud or self-sufficient as it relates to your successes and greatly disappointed with your perceived failure(s).


Follow Your Dreams

Take time to think about your dreams and goals and how they correlate with your life.

Be careful not to let other people’s opinions dictate what you should be doing.

What works for one person may not be meant for you.

Speak up for what you believe in or dislike.

In doing so, a person can only respect your wishes.

That’s not to say that what you choose to do will always be favorable and in your best interest, but you have to travel down your path.



Welcome to the Journey of Life’s Lessons. We all have a journey before us. It is up to you to decide which path to take.

You can either follow the roadmap that reveals the safest routes and obstacles to avoid, travel without a map, and spend additional time taking detours or rely on your inner guide to propel you forward to new destinations. Whatever road you take, they are all on the way to getting you to your final destination.

As you embark on this journey, you will encounter many people. Some will travel with you for an extended period creating extra baggage. Some will need help alongside the road. Some will bring you to a complete halt
requiring major servicing, and some will help you get closer to your destination. We are to trust and be grateful for each set of circumstances we encounter along the way and seek to understand the journey. Remember to reflect on how far you have come versus how far you have to go and live out your purpose each day.

The goal of this blog is to evoke thought and raise questions. Please check back frequently for new entries.