Many human beings make sacrifices throughout their lives. Whether it’s obtaining a certain level of education, losing weight, or winning a competition, the result justifies the sacrifice made to achieve the desired outcome.

Sometimes we sacrifice things for the wrong reason. Think about the relationships that end because the grass looks greener on the other side. Think about the luxury items we buy that don’t necessarily perform any better than those of a lesser cost.

As with everything else in life, there must be a balance with sacrifice. You may have to give up something today for a better tomorrow, but giving up everything enjoyable in your life can be taking it to the extreme.

Our time on earth is short, and we cannot take anything with us upon our departure. Therefore, don’t live a present life of misery for a future life you may not be able to enjoy. Ask yourself what your motivation is. Sacrificing for the wrong reasons could be worse than no sacrifice at all.


The Scale Is Not Always Balanced In Relationships

It is rare to find a relationship that is equally balanced at all times.

Since people have different needs when it comes to giving and receiving, communication is vital in gaining an understanding of those needs.

There are times when we give a lot and receive little or nothing in return, and there are times we receive more than what we are putting into the relationship.

As long as reciprocity outweighs sacrifice, the relationship maintains a balance.

Many conflicts in relationships have something to do with power and control.

We all desire to have some control over our lives and the direction it will go, but this often lingers over to us trying to control others.

Respect comes from mutual regard and appreciation for one another, not by forced obedience.


Heroes are easier to admire than define. The quality of a hero is their tendency to think of others before thinking of themselves.

Heroes do the right thing at the right time, unaware of the impact their actions may have.

Heroes are seldom conscious of their moments of heroism, and many may not recognize their acts as heroic.

It can be heroic to do what needs to be done and to do it right.

Whether raising a family, volunteering, teaching others, sacrificing your wants for someone else’s needs, etc., these are all acts of heroism.