There is no shortage of motivational messaging.

But, motivation extends beyond temporary stimulation that lasts up until the moment you scroll past a message, stop reading, or someone stops speaking and inspiring.

Motivation comes from a personal belief and desire to accept responsibility for your life and take the necessary action to achieve the things you seek.

Periods of frustration often reflect an urging to succeed in some area of your life.

By understanding what frustrates you, you’ll better understand what fulfills you.

The message behind your frustration is priming you to make a difference in your life by creating new and meaningful value.

That’s embedded motivation.

Know Your Worth

It is not uncommon to rely on the approval of others to establish our value.

Whether in a relationship, friendship, or employee capacity, we tend to gauge our worth on words and responses that feed the ego.

When you operate from the heart and know that what you do is done with pure intentions, you limit the control a person has over you through their words and actions.

We all fall short in various areas of our lives, and it is tempting to try and change who we are for the satisfaction of another.

Doing so creates a false sense of contentment.

Our worth does not hinge on our earthly possessions, achievements, physical attractiveness, or public opinion.

Our internal makeup speaks volumes about our worth.

Option vs. Priority

You can spend your life putting others first, but giving more of yourself to someone who treats you as an afterthought is wasted energy.

It’s not uncommon to look for our happiness through other people. But depending on others for your merriment increases the opportunity for disappointment.

You can’t make a person love you or cooperate in the manner you see fit, no matter how much of yourself you give.

However, you can become a priority in your own life.

It is imperative to put yourself first, not in the sense of selfishness, but in a way that affirms who you are. When you love, respect, and honor who you are, you’ll be able to see situations more clearly and remove yourself from people who diminish your value.

Remember, options are flexible and viewed as easy come, easy go. Priorities, on the other hand, often involve a sacrifice of some sort.

Never lose sight of who you are in your pursuit of happiness.