Be Yourself

Being yourself is the most natural and honest state you can be in. We have been convinced that being ourselves is no longer original, so we do everything we can to shield the true essence of who we are. You were designed to look a certain way, and your life experiences were created to mold you into the person you have become. 

Sometimes we don’t allow people to get to know us completely because we’re afraid they’ll discover something they won’t like.  Your true self eventually rises to the surface destroying any mask you attempt to hide behind. You are not going to please everyone and sometimes despite your best efforts, you will be misunderstood. Give your best anyway.

Modern science has provided us the ability to change our mental and physical make up with the introduction of cosmetic surgery, steroids, and psycho enhancing drugs, etc. Unfortunately, the side effects of these advancements can cause more harm than good.  The spirit of self always prevail over camouflages of self. Be secure in who you are and you will attract people who appreciate what you represent.

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