Quality Questioning

Asking the right questions to the wrong people can be a recipe for disaster.

π’πœπžπ§πšπ«π’π¨ 𝟏: If you’re considering introducing a new product or service to the market, you may fare better asking:

β—Ό People who have gone through a similar experience.

β—Ό Your ideal customers.

β—Ό People who can offer unbiased feedback.

Friends and family mean well, but they may not have the expertise to provide the answers you need.

π’πœπžπ§πšπ«π’π¨ 𝟐: Asking someone a question doesn’t mean you’re going to get the answer you want to hear. This typically happens when you:

β—Ό Ask the wrong questions – even when they’re the right people.

β—Ό Fail to take advice previously given.

β—Ό Ask questions packed with too much information to comprehend.

When it comes to getting answers, who you ask, and the quality of your questions matters.


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