Level 5 Leadership

What defines a Level 5 Leader? They have the unique capability to develop a company’s greatness through a combination of personal humility and professional will. 

When researcher, Jim Collins, conducted a 5-year study of 1,435 organizations to identify what makes them great, only 11 companies fit the criteria. Great, is defined as companies that generated extraordinary jumps in stock returns over 15 years, independent of their industries. This discovery was based on a hierarchy of capabilities and traits.

Level 1: The Highly Capable Individual – possesses the talent, knowledge, and skills to be effective in the workplace.

Level 2: The Contributing Team Member – is good at working with others and notably proficient at helping their team reach objectives.

Level 3: The Competent Manager – can effectively oversee people and resources, helping to achieve predetermined goals.

Level 4: The Effective Leader – can steer the company toward well-defined, compelling goals, and also keep the organization functioning at high levels of performance.

Level 5: The Executive – builds enduring greatness through a combination of personal humility and professional will.

Source: Lesley / Graph: Verozen


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