If Only I Had A Clone

Have you ever thought about cloning yourself?

As a business owner or leader within an organization, it’s something to be considered.

Cloning yourself is not suggesting you find a replica of you.

It means developing a pipeline of new leaders with complementary skills.

If something unexpected happened to you, would your operation run efficiently or become chaotic?

Think about it, when a team’s starter player gets hurt, players are groomed to step in at a moment’s notice.

The coach and fans expect a similar level of performance from the player coming off the bench.

All players on the team are scouted, hired, trained, and fully prepared to move into action.

The goal should be the same for leaders. Your talent should be well-equipped to lead in your absence.

If sustainable systems are not in place and talent is not developed, you create a bottleneck.

Bottlenecks hinder growth.

Think long-term.

Just like the coach and its team, leadership bench strength is critical for adapting to challenges and opportunities presented at any given moment.


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