Remote Leadership

Managing Remotely

Building effective leadership skills is a challenge many managers face. Remote work only compounds the issue, as leaders must now balance their job and home life. A recent survey identifies the top five core competencies managers lack.

1. Team Building – Under enough pressure, even a high-performing team may buckle. What are your team’s natural workplace habits? In times of stress, who likes to take charge? Who prefers to listen and implement? Encouraging behavioral awareness helps everyone play to their strengths and address any weakness.

2. Providing Feedback – Feedback loops are essential to team development and should be timely and specific. Celebrate your teams’ successes while reframing missteps as constructive learning opportunities.

3. Time Management – When leaders are ineffective with their time, it creates blockers for direct reports who need input from above to proceed.

4. Delegation – Holding onto a task creates a bottleneck. Put the right work in the right hands to ensure your team works smarter, not harder.

5. Communication – Make yourself available to answer questions and address concerns. Managers who hold frequent 1-on-1 meetings are often better received.

Source: Inc. | Image: The Enterprisers Project


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