Facing Reality


Sometimes people try to escape their reality by changing jobs, moving to a new city, or even changing partners. This is not to say these measures are not warranted at times, but escapism is only a temporary solution. If you are not willing to face the source of your problems – most often your ego – running away only makes solving them more difficult. Moreover, you will find yourself experiencing the same unhappiness down the road. Problems rooted in us are not shed by a change of scenery. Instead, it requires a change of heart. It’s also useless to look for someone or something to blame when you are part of the problem. By sunrise tomorrow, today’s actions will become a part of the past and if you fail to live in the present, those past actions will begin to shape your future. Choosing to focus on what cannot be changed distracts from fulfilling today’s purpose – being present, leading with the heart, and putting your ego to rest.

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