In your quest to accomplish significant goals, there will be people who oppose you and even hope you fail. Personal attacks hurt, especially when the criticism is unjustified, but criticism is a necessary evil, often at the forefront of those who lead.

Listen to constructive criticism, but do not spend valuable time and energy worrying about those who may oppose you. Instead, focus on those who are ready and willing to help. When you expect opposition, you will be prepared rather than surprised.

Naysayers are good at what they do and never cease at their work. They are the motivators that indirectly encourage you to accomplish whatever you set out to do. What better way of thanking them than by becoming better than you already are? Whatever you do, do not allow naysayers to get into your mind and create self-doubt. Continue on your pursuit, hold your head up high, and keep a smile on your face. Do not get even – get better! Achievement is the ultimate revenge.


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