Providing All The Answers

My daughter is taking classes virtually, and I am working remotely.

As a result, I noticed a pattern developing as it pertains to her schoolwork.

She was asking me questions every five minutes (exaggeration) about something she could have easily looked up.

I put a stop to that quickly.

What is the risk as leaders if we consistently provide all the answers for our team?

πŸ”» It shifts responsibility and their sense of ownership.

πŸ”» It hinders thinking and creativity.

πŸ”» It robs them of the opportunity to grow.

Naturally, leaders should guide their teams. Here are some ways to do that.

βœ” Provide input for the options presented.

βœ” Ask open-ended questions that do not embed the solution.

βœ” Identify if someone else is better suited to answer the question.

Leaders often feel that they must have all the answers.

Successful leadership is about motivating people to do things that they otherwise would not have done.

By resisting the urge to provide an immediate solution, we create an environment filled with more trust and collaboration.


Food For Thought Friday

πŸ’‘ If the world was blind, how would that influence what you buy, what you say, and what you do?

πŸ’‘ Allowing people the creative freedom to reach the desired goal may surprise you with the end result.

πŸ’‘ Monkey see monkey do. Garbage in, garbage out.

πŸ’‘ Leadership is a product of inspiration, not manipulation.

πŸ’‘ A negative mind does not produce a positive life.

πŸ’‘ Positive and negative energy is contagious. Choose wisely.

πŸ’‘ What will your eulogy say?

πŸ’‘ Don’t be afraid to live a colorful life.

πŸ’‘ There is purpose in each day. Be grateful for what the day brings.

πŸ’‘ The only competition is you.