Whom Do You Serve?

One of the most revealing questions leaders can ask themselves is “Whom do I serve?” Their answers to that question say more about their style of leadership and field of influence than their personality traits or emotional intelligence.

1. Sociopath – Exhibit a reckless disregard for anyone besides themselves. Typically charming and highly effective at manipulating others and the organization’s systems.

2. Egoist – Driven by their own accumulation of wealth, power, and status. An organization can grow and profit under someone like this, but only if its interests align with the leader’s.

3. Chameleon – Extremely adaptable. Typically characterized by a combination of low self-esteem and a strong need to be liked. As a result, they often lack courage and struggle with tough decisions.

4. Dynamo – Tend to exceed their sales quotas, deliver large projects on time, and generate profits. They excel at mobilizing resources and the efforts of others.

5. Builder – Promote the collective good of the organization. They consider the entire pie – not just their favorite slice – and they manage for the long term rather than getting distracted by short-term profit and stock market valuations.

Source: MIT Sloan