Self Control.jpg

Self-control may be limiting, but it is often necessary. We may flirt with temptation, rationalizing that we are technically refraining from the act itself. But, when you become so preoccupied with something that affects your perspective of anything else, you have moved from restraint to recklessness. It’s wise to identify your weak spots to avoid these temptations versus falling victim to them.

Control Your Anger

Losing something of great value or dealing with someone who conspires against you can elicit an angry response. Unfortunately, anger is a dangerous and destructive emotion that always threatens to leap out of control. It pushes you to make hasty decisions that result in bitterness and guilt.

There are times when anger is appropriate, but most often, it is futile. You will face countless opportunities in life to lose your temper, but making a conscious effort to channel your anger constructively is what incites change. When you feel like you’re ready to explode, remember that losing control will not solve the problem. It only fuels the fire.