Self Esteem Is Derived On Self


Our experiences have a lot to do with the mental picture we create of ourselves and how it influences our attitudes and behaviors throughout life. Having a healthy self esteem is an integral part of happiness.  You are entitled to feel good about yourself.  We have the tendency to give others more credit than we give ourselves, instead of taking inventory of our own personal strengths and value. Low self esteem is self imposed and often linked to emotional states such as depression, paranoia and anxiety.

Basing your self esteem on external factors such as the amount of money you have, your physical appearance or other’s opinion, broadly affects your emotional state whenever these variables change.  Relying on external factors to make you feel good about yourself also makes you codependent upon them.  Discovering your own truth and developing peace within is the foundation for attaining all that your heart desires. Envision yourself as the best you can be, to create the reality of your life that will be true to your most sincere self image.