Food For Thought Friday

πŸ’‘ What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Bet on yourself.

πŸ’‘ Busy is a decision. Make time your friend.

πŸ’‘ There are some rules you cannot break – your personal standards.

πŸ’‘ Perspectives change everything

πŸ’‘ There is pleasure in helping others grow. If you’re there to help, you’re there to win.

πŸ’‘ Decisions made in anger can yield a lifetime of regret.

πŸ’‘ A good mood goes a long way.

πŸ’‘ Let go to get what you want.

πŸ’‘Peace of mind plays an important role in our daily lives.

πŸ’‘ Never trust appearances.


Food For Thought Friday

πŸ’‘ The best thinking is not popular thinking.

πŸ’‘ Ask people what they know about the problem that nobody else knows.

πŸ’‘ Never stop learning.

πŸ’‘ If you already know how to reach your goal when you set it, is it stretching you enough?

πŸ’‘ The higher up you go, the more the little things matter. Analyze the details.

πŸ’‘ Don’t be afraid to innovate.

πŸ’‘ Be honest and dependable. Take responsibility.

πŸ’‘ Are you making the best effort to work well with those you dislike?

πŸ’‘ What is it like to work for you?

πŸ’‘ Leadership is an opportunity to serve.

Food For Thought Friday

πŸ’‘ How much have you helped your team members this week?

πŸ’‘ What have you learned about yourself that you are committed to improving?

πŸ’‘ Thank You – two words with magical power.

πŸ’‘ Selective ignoring is the key to productivity.

πŸ’‘ How do you practice whatever it is that you do?

πŸ’‘ Choose opportunities that you will learn the most from.

πŸ’‘ You are constantly starting at zero.

πŸ’‘ When you help others, you also help yourself.

πŸ’‘ Have the attitude that others would want to catch.

πŸ’‘ Imagine what you would do and accomplish if there was only β€œToday”.

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Food For Thought Friday

πŸ’‘ If the world was blind, how would that influence what you buy, what you say, and what you do?

πŸ’‘ Allowing people the creative freedom to reach the desired goal may surprise you with the end result.

πŸ’‘ Monkey see monkey do. Garbage in, garbage out.

πŸ’‘ Leadership is a product of inspiration, not manipulation.

πŸ’‘ A negative mind does not produce a positive life.

πŸ’‘ Positive and negative energy is contagious. Choose wisely.

πŸ’‘ What will your eulogy say?

πŸ’‘ Don’t be afraid to live a colorful life.

πŸ’‘ There is purpose in each day. Be grateful for what the day brings.

πŸ’‘ The only competition is you.