Many people want to be leaders, but the majority of us are followers. We may be good followers in following a good leader, but no leader is perfect. Many people fail to realize that leadership can appear glamorous at times, but it is often lonely, thankless, and sometimes filled with pressures to compromise values and standards.

The essential quality of leadership is credibility. If people don’t trust you, they won’t follow you. The most effective followers understand their role and follow the ideas and beliefs of their leader. However, if a leader goes against ethical practices, you must be willing to stand alone.

As we rise to leadership positions, our priorities should be finding productive ways to serve people versus our praise, prestige, and power. Although many seek recognition for their accomplishments through these channels, they are poor substitutes for the substance gained in serving someone other than ourselves.


Honesty is the Best Practice

In our quest to be accepted by others, we often abandon what we know is right.

There is no amount of rationalizing that can justify dishonest practices.

Entering into this type of engagement will only lead to a bigger problem in the end.

You can navigate through life either impressing people with lies or influencing people with the truth.

Seeking truth transforms us.

Some people think they will get what they want through dishonest practices so they’ll flatter, deceive, and lie to the point of affecting their very core.

This type of behavior can cause you to lose sight of who you are and your ability to relate to others.

When you engage with lies, you engage with fear.