Agree to Disagree

The idea that “I’ll believe what I want to believe” and “you believe what you want to believe” can sometimes lead to the avoidance of the truth. You should seek to understand the viewpoints of others. Getting to know someone better provides you the opportunity to build upon the things you mutually share or agree, instead of putting all your energy into disagreeing.

Whenever you see people arguing as if it were intellectual combat, the nature of the argument can be grossly misunderstood or overshadowed by the person with the loudest or most convincing delivery. Instead of taking offense to someone agreeing or disagreeing with you, be willing to keep an open mind if the argument has good merit.


Know How to Pick Your Battles

Life involves a series of challenges and choices. It only makes sense to choose your battles wisely.

We often get hung up disputing insignificant things when there are more important matters that beg for our attention.

No matter how well-meaning you are in fighting the battles you think are of paramount importance, sometimes the battle is won when you back up and let situations run its course.

By doing so, you will be far more effective in getting your point across.

Fighting battles for the mere challenge is a waste of time and energy.

If the world came to an end today, would those battles have the same significance?

If the battle is not beneficial in some way, and the stakes are high pending the outcome, avoid the conflict altogether.

Life rarely goes the exact way we may have in mind, and there will always be people who disagree with you or do things differently.

Reevaluate your priorities and understand that there will be battles not worth arguing over, battles you can’t do anything about, and battles that are frankly none of your business.