We’re Always Selling

The word salespeople dream of is, YES! Reality is often different. Knowing what not to do in sales can help you get closer to the goal. 

1. Don’t justify. Making excuses (I was in a traffic jam) won’t help you gain trust. What you’re communicating is I’m a poor planner and don’t take our meeting seriously.

2. Don’t brag. There’s no correlation between the quality of your watch and the quality of your work. Instead of impressing the client, they may see you as insecure or needy.

3. Don’t play the savior. Positioning yourself as the hero can come across as arrogant, creating an imbalance in the relationship.

4. Don’t be too authentic. Making use of your personality is an indispensable component of sales success. Exaggerating authenticity can come across as stubborn and raise doubts about your trustworthiness.

5. Don’t always agree. It is through positive confrontation and constructive triggering that we create value and discover underlying needs.

6. Be mindful after the close. Making statements like “I thought we would never agree” can create feelings of doubt and insecurity with the client.

7. The real work starts with YES. Invest the same energy after the close and deliver on what was promised to build a long-lasting client relationship.