Human Resilience

The ability of leaders to address people’s physical, mental, and relationship needs is the foundation of trust. While all of these needs have equal importance, there is an order in which they make the biggest difference. Here are 10 things leaders can do now.

1. Gather feedback from all areas of the organization and all types of workers.

2. Relieve people from unnecessary work and activities.

3. Educate and coach leaders on five elements: stakeholder inclusion, emotion and intuition, mission and purpose, technology and innovation, and intellect and insight.

4. If you aren’t used to working in cross-functional, agile teams, now is the time to begin.

5. Elevate your most visible leaders based on compassion and caring.

6. Integrate your company’s purpose and values into every communication and initiative.

7. Tell a story. Don’t spew data. What people want is the larger story, the insights.

8. Rally leaders around consistent communication.

9. Now is the time to accelerate human and machine collaboration and support people as they transition to digital ways of working.

10. Reserve two hours per day for work focused on getting your organization and your workforce to the future.

Source: Accenture