Never Say Never


It is often said that everyone has a price. Money has been known to persuade even the most upstanding citizens into making foolish decisions. We hear about bribes given to judges, police officers, and witnesses for the sake of overlooking the truth, but bribes only hurt the victims more. By accepting a bribe you penalize the truth and reward those who oppose it. Our obsession with money is often responsible for the mistreatment of others. It may not appear so on the surface, but it happens in subtle ways. For instance, you decide to dine out for the evening without making a reservation and upon arriving at the restaurant, you are placed on a waiting list. After waiting for a period of time, another patron enters the restaurant. They also don’t have a reservation, have inquired about the wait time, and have the same number of people in their party. Next thing you know, they are being seated before you. More than likely, a monetary incentive was offered. The staff member accepted the money to his/her benefit, the solicitor used it to his/her advantage, and the restaurant stands to lose a displeased patron (and get a bad review) for the actions of an unscrupulous staff member. These types of transactions happen every day whether subtle or glaring. We don’t think we are doing any significant harm but in reality, someone is experiencing the impact.