Message in the Music


Music evokes emotion and conveys messages in various ways. Almost everyone has a song they can relate to that lifts them up, makes them sad, brings back memories, relaxes them, and sometimes annoys them. You can listen to the same song at different times and have a different experience depending on what you are going through at that moment. Music is also a tool that can be used to make remembering something much easier. Consider:

  • The teacher who delivers a lesson through a catchy beat.
  • The artist that sings a song in a different language, without speaking that language.
  • How companies brand their product or service with jingles or popular songs.
  • How lyrical references in songs can inspire change, influence what we buy, and how we treat each other.
  • How incorporating the element of music into a film helps the audience emotionally connect.
  • How rhythmic chanting invites cultural healing.
  • How music elevates your mood when working out.
  • How music uplifts you spiritually.
  • The¬†therapeutic benefit of music for those with physical disabilities and the list goes on.

Whatever your pleasure, there’s music to fit the occasion. Now imagine a world without it.