People tend to place greater value in the things they sacrifice for. In fact, many consider sacrifice a part of their daily regimen. Whether it’s obtaining a certain level of education, losing weight or winning a competition, the end result justifies the sacrifice made to achieve the desired outcome.

Although sacrifice may be inevitable, it isn’t always viewed in a positive light. Sometimes relationships are forfeited for an alternative that doesn’t appear to be any greater than what was left behind, or money is spent on luxury items that may not perform any better than those of a lesser cost. However, the person making the choice, feels the sacrifice is worth making.

As with everything else in life, there must be a balance with sacrifice. You may have to give up something today for a better tomorrow, but giving up everything that’s happy and good in your life can be taking it to the extreme. Our time on earth is short and we cannot take anything with us upon our departure. Therefore, don’t live a present life of misery for a future life you may not be able to enjoy. Ask yourself, what your true motivation is. Sacrificing for the wrong reasons, could be worse than no sacrifice at all.