Practice Makes Perfect

Deliberate practice is a necessary ingredient to performing at your best. The more you do something the greater you become at it. We are quick to give up on our relationships, professions, and personal growth because we can’t see beyond instant gratification. 

Many professions enforce continuing education for this reason, and some professions require continuing education even if you aren’t actively practicing in that field. Consider the athletes who must fully participate at team practice even when they’re not on the starting lineup. Remember that practice prepares us for opportunity. Those who perform at their best, work relentlessly hard and take responsibility for their errors and mistakes.

Be observant of what you are doing, how you are doing it, and whether it can be done differently to produce better results. You have to continue getting better in order for greater outcomes to manifest itself. Whatever skills you lack, enhance them through training and consistent practice. Recognize where a problem may exist, refine your skills, then try again.