Common Distractions

Things that make you go hmm.
  1. Talking to a person with bad breath.
  2. Wearing loud perfume or cologne.
  3. Doing multiple things while driving.
  4. Uncontrollable children.
  5. Use of cell phones in the wrong environment.
  6. Public intoxication.
  7. Stepping on gum or animal excrement.
  8. Spitting in front of someone.
  9. Littering.
  10. Failure to give someone your full attention.
  11. Foul mouths and inappropriate references.
  12. Choice of attire.
  13. Personal hygiene.
  14. Rudeness.
  15. Bad manners.
  16. Bad drivers and rubbernecking.
  17. Smoking in closed confinements.
  18. Chewing with your mouth open.
  19. Talking with your hands.
  20. Nosiness.
  21. Gossip.
  22. Spilling something on your clothing.
  23. Inconsiderate comments.
  24. Broken promises.
  25. Social media.