Death is Inevitable

Our time on Earth has tremendous purpose for it determines how we’ll respond to our Creator’s call. Death is an essential component of all living things and nothing escapes it. We were born to die, and everything that happens in between these two events, helps prepare us for the fulfillment of our time on Earth.

Many people fear death because they can’t control it, nor understand it. Death casts a frightening shadow over us and renders us helpless in its presence. We may be able to endure various ailments throughout our life, but no amount of strength or courage can overcome death.

Life is short, no matter how long you may live. Power, health and wealth may make you feel as if you can live forever. But death strips everyone of all external security. If your life isn’t the way you would like it to be now, don’t assume that change will come more readily at a later date. Learning how to live, overcomes the fear of dying.