Physical Appearance

Physical appearance is important and we spend a lot of time and money improving it. While there is nothing inherently wrong with taking care of our bodies and projecting a certain image, we must also invest in developing our inner beauty. Internal beauty treatments such as love, gratitude, patience and respect don’t have a monetary value, but radiates far beyond physical appearance alone.

We are quick to try and emulate those possessing physical beauty, wealth and strength, but what a person possesses internally will eventually be revealed externally. A physically attractive person on the outside, can be decaying on the inside. A rich person without morals can be spiritually poor and a strong man without faith can be mentally weak.

Consider the life of the visually impaired. Outside of external input, they are often attracted to others by their voice or personality. They don’t have the luxury of assessing someone’s physical appearance as a first criterion. Just remember, physical characteristics change over time no matter how many cosmetic enhancements you make.

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