Take a Good Look in the Mirror

The greatest judgment you make each day starts with looking in the mirror. Its reflection does not lie and breaking the mirror does not change who you are. We spend countless hours maintaining our outward appearance when we should be doing more to develop our inner character.

We all have a mental picture of who we think we are. Naturally, there is a part of us that would like to believe we are smarter, more attractive, giving and morally better than those around us, but these self beliefs can often expose us to weaknesses in other areas. When we become confused about our self-identity, we open the door for problems to enter.

Until you understand who you are, you will not understand where you belong. You also become stagnant in your growth when you surround yourself by people that confirm what you believe to be your self-identity. Stepping outside of your comfort zone will shatter the assumptions you have made of yourself and reveal areas of improvement.  By developing the virtue of introspection, you will see your true self in the mirror of your heart.