Know Who Your Friends Are

In our fast paced world, friends come and go and circumstances change. Each can have a placement in our lives, but in different ways. The friend you hang out with, may not be the one you care to share your deepest secrets with. Friendship is one of those areas full of hidden assumptions and unspoken rules. We only discover the true value of our friendship when those assumptions clash.

The greatest evidence of genuine friendship is loyalty and trust. Real friends give to and receive from each other; fair-weather friends do not know the meaning of reciprocity. They take all we have to give, but we never see a return on our investment. We all need friends who stick close, listen, care and offer help when needed, in good times and bad.

Our friends can have a profound influence on us, often in subtle ways. Be cognizant of whom you choose as your closest friends because you will surely grow to resemble each other.

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