Giving Someone a Choice

Since the creation of mankind, life has been derived upon
choice.  Unfortunately, some take away
our right to choose for their own selfish reasons or cultural beliefs.  Forced marriages and slavery are extreme
examples of people being deprived of personal choice.  Lying and cheating are more common abuses of
today’s society.

Consider the idea of meeting someone new and taking a
personal interest in them.  During
preliminary conversations, no disclosure has been given about the person’s commitment
to another.  As time goes on, you develop
a physical and emotional connection with this person to later discover they are
connected to someone else in a similar or greater capacity.  The odds are, you probably found out about
this other connection in an unexpected way and are now faced with the painful
consequences of not having been provided a choice in the matter.

While it may be easy to carry out our lives in an oblivious manner,
others should not be penalized by selfish choices made on their behalf and
without their input.  When you are honest
with people upfront, you give them the opportunity to choose what they are
willing to engage in.