Welcome to the Journey of Life’s Lessons. We all have a
journey before us and it is up to you to decide which path to take.  You can either; follow the road map that
reveals the safest routes and obstacles to avoid, travel without a map and
spend additional time taking detours, or rely on your inner
guide to propel you forward to places that have yet to be ventured.  Whatever road you take, they are all on the
way of getting you to your final destination.  

As you embark on this journey, you will encounter many people.  Some will travel with you for an extended
period of time creating extra baggage. Some will need help alongside the road.  Some will bring you to a complete halt
requiring major servicing, and some will help you get closer to your
destination.  We are to trust and be
grateful for each set of circumstances we encounter along the way and
understand the journey we are in.  Remember
to reflect on how far you have come versus how far you have to go and live out
your purpose each da

This blog is designed to evoke thought and raise questions.  Please check back frequently for new entries.